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Human Rights & Advocacy

The Human Rights and Advocacy program intends to strengthen the capacity of the beneficiaries to respond to human rights issues and take action to create positive change in our target group. The best advocates for a people’s rights are the members of the community themselves, historically marginalised people (HMP) themselves. All should be aware of their rights and liberties !

In this perspective, we approach the government in a positive manner to respond to human rights violations against historically marginalised people. Through raising awareness of individual human rights and education, we provide skills and knowledge on international human rights instruments to our target group to allow them to take action, to advocate against discrimination, and to fight for the rights to which they are entitled. We also advocate for public services and policy to be consistent with human rights standards and fair to historically marginalised people.

Since the program came into effect, there has been a growing understanding in the communities of historically marginalised people about how the Rwandan Constitution and international human rights instruments can be used to help improve the lives of and opportunities available to historically marginalised people.

For example, advocates have played an important role in using the Charter to :

  • Deliver significant improvements in the support provided to historically marginalised people, including indigenous people with disabilities
  • Reduce discrimination against historically marginalised people.