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Forty nine families from HMP of Bukamba village in Byumba received Hygiene supplies

African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization (AIMPO), on 19 September, 2019, provided hygiene materials to 49 families including nutritious flour to support children who are malnourished in Bukamba village, Ruhundo cell, Byumba sector.The supplied materials were basins, soaps, and body lotions. Byumba Sector officials participated in that supportive event to the members of Historically Marginalized People of Bukamba village.

Nkunzurwanda John, the Executive Secretary of Byumba sector told the beneficiaries to treasure those materials and not sell them. According to Mr. Nkunzurwanda, some of Bukamba community members are misuse the materials that are supplied to them.

However, Mukamana Francoise, a member of this community who received materials expressed her appreciation to the leaders of AIMPO and promised to use them well. “I thank AIMPO for remembering and giving us these hygiene materials, I am going to keep them carefully.“ she said. In addition, she requested AIMPO officials to support them with domestic animals like chickens and sheep.

AIMPO organized this activity to encourage the community in fighting against dirtiness and malnutrition in children.